New School of Participatory Change

We Believe Everyone Has the Ability to Change Their Community for the Better.

What Will Your Impact Be?

what is participatory change?

Participatory change is a values-based approach to leadership and the practice of creating the conditions for equitable, longterm, self-sustaining change.

It is grounded in a fundamental belief in participation: Power is participation. Participation is power.

Unlock your potential as a participatory changemaker

We provide tailored training, support, and connections to inspire lasting, transformative, participatory change in communities worldwide.

Cohort Course Experiences

Grow and practice changemaking skills and collaborate with fellow changemakers.

Self-Paced Courses

Refine core skills and practices needed to support and create thriving organizations and groups.

Individualized Coaching

Learn the mindsets and strategies to cultivate long-term change at your own pace.

Our offerings equip you to:

  • Innovate and adapt in the face of challenges, fostering health and equity within your organization.
  • Collaborate with like-minded changemakers and experienced instructors, leveraging over 35 years of combined expertise in participatory change.
  • Cultivate equitable abundance in your organization, business, and community through the practice of participatory changemaking.

Blogs from The New School

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A Letter from Our Director

The New School focuses on nurturing leaders and cultivating collective leadership, because it's going to take us all to solve the social and environmental crises we face. We equip changemakers with the tools to foster shared power and harness that to build “change infrastructure” that's going to create change that outlasts them in the communities they already know so well. Continue reading...

- Atlas Charles, Director

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