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8-Week, Synchronous Course

The New School’s inaugural Participatory Facilitation cohort course launched September 6th, 2023. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to be notified when registration opens for the next session.

This educational experience will provide participants with the training and space to develop their own practical approach to facilitating participatory conversations, whether they are facilitating a virtual or in-person meeting. 

Aligned with the broader concept of participatory change and leadership, this 8-week course offers participants the training, techniques, and tools that will equip them to:

  • create welcoming, inclusive spaces;
  • empower meeting participants to take an active role in the group's work;
  • facilitate trust- and relationship-building;
  • design participant-driven agendas and meetings; and
  • carry out collective work toward clear outcomes.

This course is experiential and community-based, allowing participants to learn alongside their cohort members, support one another’s learning and growth, and practice their facilitation skills with feedback from fellow participants. Participants will gain exclusive access to tools and resources that grew out of over 40 years of our experience in participatory facilitation, as well as a year of access to our Community of Practice housed in Mighty Networks. Emphasizing a democratic approach, the Virtual Participatory Facilitation cohort course helps shape future leaders who embody the inclusive and collaborative spirit of participatory change.

Informational Webinar Recording


When: the next session will start in early 2024.

Where: our host platform, Mighty Networks

Cost: $899

Registration is closed.

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