New School of Participatory Change

The New School of Participatory Change offers two types of online courses: cohort experiential courses and individual self-paced courses.

Cohort Courses

Our cohort courses are longer, synchronous online courses designed to foster collaboration and build relationships with other participants.

Participatory Facilitation

8-Weeks | Spring & Fall Sessions

Participatory facilitation lays the groundwork for broader participatory change work by making sure everyone is involved and heard throughout the process. Join us to learn how to transform your meetings into inclusive, collaborative, and innovative spaces that generate lasting, impactful outcomes.

Virtual Participatory Facilitation Online Course

Self-paced courses

Our self-paced online courses are shorter, information-focused courses designed to refine your knowledge, skills, and practices

Developing a practice of deep work

Coming Soon

Unlock your full potential by mastering the art of deep work. This course equips you with the tools, techniques, and strategies to achieve a state of intense focus and productivity. You'll learn how to manage your time, set up rhythms, and create a toolbox for deep work as you work to create your personal Deep Work Plan.

Deep Work Online Course
Managing Teams Online Courses

managing projects & teams for impact

Coming Soon

Digital skills and effective practices that empower your team to collaborate for greater impact.

Community of practice (CoP)

Monthly Zoom calls and Mighty Networks space for participatory changemakers to learn, share, and support one another.

Our Community of Practice is open to anyone who has participated in a cohort course. Participants will receive an invite to the CoP space upon completion of the course.

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