Rural Support Partners, mission-driven management consultants with a participatory approach to create lasting, equitable change in rural areas. Rural community and economic development.

We believe rural changemakers possess the wisdom, relationships, and drive to create transformative change in the communities they serve.

How We Support Rural

Consultants for nonprofits and funders

Increase Nonprofit & Funder Impact

Cultivate Collaboration

Improve the Practice of Rural Development

Nurture & Equip Changemakers


Community Wealth Creation

Community Wealth Creation

When you ask people to describe what makes their community a great place to live, play, and work, you begin…
Nonprofit Collaboration

Nonprofit Collaboration

Our most challenging social problems are too complex to change by the efforts of any single program, organization, or sector.…
Spiral Model of Popular Education

Spiral Model of Popular Education

The Spiral Model is a grounding concept RSP uses to facilitate collaborative group processes. Using the model, we draw out…


"RSP combines deep commitment to Central Appalachian communities and people with extraordinary skills in participatory facilitation ..."

Deb MarkleyDeb MarkleyLOCUS Impact Investing

"RSP are the quiet geniuses behind the Appalachia Funders Network."

David StocksDavid StocksThe Educational Foundation of America

"One of RSP's core competencies is to deeply know the most innovative practices in the field of rural development."

Molly HemstreetMolly HemstreetOpportunity Threads

"RSP is a very valuable leader and implementer in the Appalachian region towards a better future for all."

Allen SmartAllen SmartCampbell University Center for Rural Health

"RSP is great at truly listening, therefore gaining a firm grasp on what the client really needs."

Brandon DennisonBrandon DennisonCoalfield Development Corporation

"Especially in rural settings, RSP is one of the few organizations that truly gets community development ..." "They bring a sophisticated framework to guide collective thinking and action, allowing communities to take advantage of unrecognized opportunities ..."

Doug EasterlingDoug EasterlingWake Forest Social School of Medicine, Office of Research

"RSP is skilled at bringing together a diverse set of actors—public, private, non-profit, funders, practitioners, officials, etc.—and helps that group both articulate a common vision, and find a path forward to achieve mutual goals."

Ray DaffnerRay DaffnerAppalachian Regional Commission

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Rural Support Partners equips changemakers, organizations, and networks to cultivate lasting, equitable, participatory change in rural areas.

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