• Management Planning Strategy

    We increase the impact and resiliency of anchor organizations that work to advance complex social & economic change.

    We Can Help

    Collaboration Networks Teams

    We use our experience to help groups define focus, create policies & plans, and build the right strucure for collaborative work.

    We Connect


    Using popular education and participatory techniques, we facilitate peer learning, problem-solving, and collective decision-making.

    We Facilitate

    Field Building

    We deliver expertise in model and tool development, program design, analysis, participatory research, workshops & training.

    How We Do It

How We Support Rural

Increase Nonprofit & Funder Impact

Cultivate Networks & Collaboration

Improve the Practice of Rural Development

Optimize Revenue & Results for Social Enterprises


Core Elements of a Network

In 2011, RSP set out to learn about networks of rural-based organizations that are using collective strategies to build local […]

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What is a Social Enterprise?

Social enterprise is about solving old problems in new ways. In persistently distressed communities, social enterprises can explore and grow market opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

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Spiral Model for Popular Education

The Spiral Model is a grounding concept RSP uses to facilitate collaborative group processes. Using the model, we draw out the experiential wisdom of our partners, form collective knowledge, and plan for creating change originating from the group.

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