Rural Support Partners works hand-in-hand with leaders, organizations, and networks to strengthen the local economy, improve the health, and enhance the general well-being of rural communities across Central Appalachia. We provide a variety of support services to help strengthen the capacity of leaders, organizations, and networks to achieve better results. Our services are based on a strong commitment to rural communities, and result in increased organizational effectiveness, improved strategies, more collaborative efforts, and deeper impact. Rural Support Partners is a social enterprise that uses business disciplines and the power of market demand to create social, economic, and environmental impacts for a community or region.


Rural Support Partners works hand-in-hand with leaders, organizations, and networks to advance the economic transition of Central Appalachia, grow new economic models, and innovate the field of rural development.


RSP’s long-term vision is that all people in Appalachia have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.


Rural Support Partners’ work is founded on a commitment to inclusive participation and aims to have the plans, actions, and results emerge from the vision and goals of the people with whom we work. The following values are at the core of everything we do:

  • The people we work with know the answers. Our work is founded on the rock-solid belief that the local people we work with know best what their communities need and how to provide it. They have the skills, wisdom, vision, and capacity to create fundamental social change in their communities.
  • Equity and justice drive our vision. We strive to uncover, speak-to, and address the multiple oppressions that undermine the beauty, health, and well-being of people and communities.
  • Partnerships strengthen our work. We build long-standing partnerships with anchor organizations, collective action networks, and local communities. This allows us to deeply understand their support needs, establish the trust to engage in difficult work, and collectively uncover opportunities for coordinated strategies.
  • Results speak volumes. We focus on concrete results in rural communities. Our results-based approach helps organizations, networks, and communities define desired outcomes, track progress, measure achievements, and evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies. Over time, this approach leads to improved programs, more efficient use of resources, and ultimately a greater return on everyone’s investment of time, energy, and money.
  • Long-term efforts lead to long-term successes. We honor and learn from the work before us by continuing to strengthen and build sustainable infrastructure. We believe in cultivating the next generation of leaders to ensure that the work of creating more just and equitable rural communities endures over the long haul.