At Rural Support Partners,  we are committed to building the field of participatory rural development in order to innovate the practice and improve the impact of rural development efforts – across Appalachia, the US, and the world. We learn a great deal from working hand in hand with our high preforming partners in Central Appalachia, who are advancing innovative and impactful community development models across multiple economic sectors. We see every project we do as an opportunity to learn and reflect on the work in which we and our partner organizations are engaged. As a learning organization, we have a responsibility to continually uncover important lessons from both our successes and our mistakes, and to share these findings in an honest, humble, and open way so that others can benefit as well.

Our goal is to spread the tools, resources, and lessons learned from our work so that rural leaders, organizations, and networks are more effective and impactful . The tools and resources are meant to supplement your existing tool boxes and should be modified as needed.


If you are looking for tested, real-world rural development practices and resources, follow us on twitter and sign up for our updates when we share new resources. If you’re interested in working with us to deepen your work in rural development, visit our services page to find out what kind of work we could do together.